[ 2021 ] The Best Reading Apps for Kids Who Are Learning to Read

Digital tools can be helpful when teaching your kids to read from home. Credit: Freepik

KOBI (FREE to use, Premium account)
For ages: 5–10

With Kobi, you can personalize the reading experience for your kid.

READING EGGS (Free to try)
For ages: 4–6

For ages: 3–7

Starfall has solutions for math, reading, and more!

ABCMOUSE ( Subscription required )
For ages: 2–6

HOMER ( Subscription required )
For ages: 2–6

Homer is made for younger kids.

For ages: 3–6

ENDLESS READER ( Free to try )
For ages: 3–6





Co-Founder at Creative Solutions

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Andrej Peršolja

Andrej Peršolja

Co-Founder at Creative Solutions

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